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央视国际  2007年07月31日 15:55 来源



    旁白: 离开东山岛,

    After we left Dongshan Island,


    we drove a little more than

    an hour


    before we entered Shantou, our

    first stop in Gangdong Province.

    韩佳: 快乐学汉语,万里海疆行!

    Learn Chinese the fun way and enjoy

    a happy journey across China!


    I'm Merry Han Jia.


    The weather is getting hotter

    and hotter each day.


    Look, the sun has just risen


    and I'm already feeling

    unbearably hot.


    You aren't as wise as I am.


    If you want to cool yourself,

    come over here.

    韩佳: 渊源,你这是什么意思啊?

    Yuanyuan, what do you mean?


    Didn't you see the Tropic

    of Cancer here?


    It's the tropical zone on

    that side.


    And it's the temperate zone

    on this side.


    The temperate zone should be

    cooler than the tropical zone.


    I was making a joke with you.


    We're now standing by the side


    of the Tropic of Cancer Sign

    in Shantou.

    韩佳: 对。北回归线就是

    Yes. The Tropic of Cancer

    refers to


    the northern latitude at 23°26'.


    It is also the divider between the northern

    temperate zone and the tropical zone.


    And Shantou happens to be

    located on this line.


    "Ganghao" means just, exactly

    or happens to be.

    韩佳: “刚好”是个副词,

    "Ganghao" is an adverb,


    which means just, exactly or

    happens to be.


    Shantou's geographical position

    is very special.

    Zhè zuò chéngshì gāng hǎo wèi yú běi huíguīxiàn shang

    这 座 城市 刚 好 位 于 北 回归线 上。

    This city happens to be located on

    the Tropic of Cancer.


    Yuanyuan, on the Summer

    Solstice, one of


    the 24 Chinese seasonal terms,


    which falls on June 22 at

    12 o'clock,


    people can witness the spectacle


    of poles without shadows.


    Poles without shadows?


    You mean if you set up

    a pole here,


    you'll not see its shadow?

    韩佳: 对啊。

    That's right.


    I know that.


    That must be because


    the sun is perpendicularly above

    the Tropic of Cancer, right?

    韩佳: 嗯,没错儿。

    Yes, exactly.


    Oh, it's a pity today is not

    the Summer Solstice


    and we can't see the spectacle.

    韩佳: 看不到奇观没有关系啊。

    It doesn't matter if we can't

    see it.


    We can still talk about an

    idiom by the way.


    Yes. I know in Chinese,


    "li gan bu jian ying" is an idiom.


    It means ...

    韩佳: 错了错了。

    No, you are wrong.


    The idiom we're going to

    talk about


    is just the opposite, "li gan jian ying".


    "Li gan jian ying" literally means


    to set up a pole in the sun


    and you'll see its shadow instantly.


    It is often used metaphorically


    to mean to get instant results.


    Now I remember it.


    "Li gan jian ying" means to get

    instant results.


    Poles with shadows can be

    seen everywhere.


    But the phenomenon of seeing a

    pole without a shadow in the sun


    can be seen only at a

    certain place


    and at a certain time.

    韩佳: 对啊。有了这标志塔呢,

    Yes. With this symbolic sign,


    we can not only see this kind

    of spectacle,


    but also realize more intuitively


    this imaginary latitudinal circle.

    旁白: 汕头不光处于热带与温带的交界处,

    Shantou lies not only between the

    tropical and temperate zones,


    but also between the continent

    and the ocean.


    Thanks to its special geographical position,


    since ancient times, Shantou

    has been


    an important seaport


    and, of course, also an important

    fortress for coastal defense.


    Look, in the center of Shantou,


    a stone cannon battery built

    over 130 years ago


    is still kept to this day.


    Han Jia, we've seen a

    lot of gun batteries.


    But this one is the most unusual

    in shape.


    Look, it seems like a round citadel


    built with stone.

    韩佳: 对啊。这座石炮台是一百多年前

    Yeah. This cannon battery was

    a major


    coastal defense work in eastern

    Guangdong more than 100 years ago.


    At that time,


    it took the builders five years


    to complete it.


    It was surely a very large

    project then.

    韩佳: 对啊。这座石炮台不仅规模大,

    Yes. This cannon battery was

    not only large,


    but also well equipped.


    But where are


    the cannons?

    韩佳: 这座炮台分上下两层。

    This cannon battery has

    two levels.


    The cannons are on the top level.


    Oh, I see.

    韩佳: 嗯。


    旁白: 我眼前的这座石炮台保存得那么完好,

    This cannon battery has been

    preserved so well that


    I almost forgot it has experienced


    the vicissitudes of more than

    100 years.


    Perhaps, we can understand the

    battery's ancient


    history only from these weathered,

    rounded-off steps.

    韩佳: 渊源,错了吧。

    Yuanyuan, you're wrong.


    They are not weathered, rounded-

    off steps.


    They were originally designed

    this way.


    This is exactly how they looked

    in the past?

    韩佳: 对啊。



    Actually this is a passageway used

    specifically to transport cannons.


    These wavy steps


    made it easier for the cannon

    vehicle to move


    up the cannons, each weighting

    several tons.


    They could also prevent the

    cannon vehicle


    from sliding down in case

    of an accident.


    These stairs are very skillfully designed!

    韩佳: 说得不错啊。

    Well put.


    Yuanyuan just said "qiaomiao".


    It is an adjective,


    meaning ingenious


    or skillful.


    So "qiaomiao" means ingenious


    or skillful.

    Zhè xiē táijiē shèji de fēicháng qiǎomiào

    这 些 台阶 设计 得 非常 巧妙。

    These stairs are very skillfully designed.


    To my surprise,


    there are still a lot of cannons

    preserved up here.

    韩佳: 是啊。数数看呢一共有六门。

    Yes. After we counted them, we found

    there are six of them altogether.


    We were told the biggest

    of them


    had a firing range of 8,000 meters.


    It was the most powerful gun

    at that time.


    Each of them stands guard here


    like a steel soldier.

    韩佳: 你别光顾着看炮啊。

    Don't just pay attention to

    those cannons.


    Come over here.


    Guess what it was used for.


    This thing? It was ...

    韩佳: 是什么呀?快说呀。

    What is it? Tell me quickly.


    You must give me some time


    to let me figure it out.


    You take a break first.


    I'll know what it is


    after the Feast for the Eyes.



    Shantou is one of China's top five special

    economic zones.

    它濒临南海 自然条件优越

    Bordering on the South China Sea, it

    has advantageous natural conditions.


    Located on the Tropic of Cancer,

    而四季常青 光照充裕

    it boasts green plants and abundant sunshine

    all year round.


    A time-honored cannon battery


    invokes scenes of battle over 100 years ago.


    Today it still stands firm and magnificent,


    recounting battle stories of the past.


    It looks like a chimney.


    What do you think about it?

    韩佳: 怎么样啊,渊源,

    Well, Yuanyuan,


    have you figured it out?


    Well, let me tell you.


    This is an air vent and

    communication channel.


    It was used as an air vent

    for the lower level


    and also a facility for communication


    between soldiers on the two levels.


    Oh, I see.


    Okay, since Han Jia asked me

    a difficult question,


    I'd set a difficult question

    for you, too.


    Listen carefully.


    Here's today's award-winning question.



    We'll be continuing to learn

    Chinese with you


    while experiencing


    the charms of this coastal city.

    韩佳: 期待明天同一时间

    We expect to see you tomorrow


    at the same time.


    Okay, don't forget our slogan.

    合: 学说中国话,朋友遍天下!

    Learn Chinese and make friends everywhere!


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