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央视国际  2007年07月19日 11:42 来源



    旁白: 在厦门岛的西北边,

    Northwest of Xiamen Island,


    there is a place called Jimei,


    meaning a place that collects all

    the beauties under heaven.


    The person who named it

    wasn't wrong.


    It is quiet, elegant and picturesque.


    It is indeed a very beautiful place.


    Han Jia,


    are we here to see the scenery?

    韩佳: 你看你,又着急了吧。

    Look, you're being impatient again.


    I didn't finish yet.


    Today we are here


    mainly to pay a visit


    to Jimei School Village and

    its founder.


    Jimei School Village?


    What does it mean?

    韩佳: 集美学村又叫集美学校。

    Jimei School Village is also

    called Jimei Schools.


    It has a comprehensive


    modern educational system


    covering from preschool to

    higher education.


    It has a total of 12 schools.


    It turns out a great number of trained

    personnel every year.


    Its graduates are spread all

    over the world.


    It is worthy of the term "taoli

    man tianxia".


    Han Jia,


    Is "taoli man tianxia" an idiom?

    韩佳: 是呀。“桃李”原来是指桃树和李树。

    Yes. "Taoli" literally refers to

    peaches and plums.


    But here it is used metaphorically

    to refer to trained personnel.


    "Taoli man tianxia" means to

    have trained


    a lot of students who are

    now spread all over.


    So "taoli" literally means peaches

    and plums.


    But here it is used metaphorically

    to refer to students.


    So "taoli man tianxia" means to

    have trained


    a lot of students who are now

    spread all over.


    Let's take a look inside this

    school village.

    韩佳: 嗯。

    All right.

    旁白: 我们一进入学村,

    Soon after we entered the

    school village,


    we feel it is different.


    The schools here are arranged

    in a concentrated manner.


    I heard from Han Jia Jimei

    School Village


    has a history of nearly 100 years.


    Who exactly founded this school village?

    韩佳: 就是这位陈嘉庚先生。

    It was this gentleman, Mr.

    Chen Jiageng.


    He was born in Jimei.


    At the age of 17,


    he traveled across the sea

    to Singapore


    to help his father run

    his business.


    Later he became a well-known

    leader of overseas Chinese.


    When he returned to his

    home village,


    he found education in China

    was very backward.


    So he strengthened his determination to

    develop education at his home village.


    Thus in 1913,


    he founded the first school here,


    the Jimei Primary School.


    Later he founded in succession


    a high school, a teachers' school,

    a marine products school,


    a commerce school and a

    navigation school.


    And in some of the schools

    here, he also built


    libraries, science museums, gymnasiums,


    hospitals and other public facilities.


    He was so thoughtful!

    韩佳: 是啊。



    Chen Jiageng believed


    sound teaching facilities could

    help students


    learn more useful knowledge.


    It can be said that


    he poured all of his

    painstaking care


    and effort into the field

    of education.


    "Qingzhu" means to pour or throw,


    as in "to pour one's energy

    into something".

    韩佳: “倾注”是个动词,

    "Qingzhu" is a verb,


    which means to pour one's

    affection or energy


    into something.


    Let me give you an example.


    The mother pours all her love

    into her daughter.

    韩佳: 再比如我们刚才说的,

    Another example just as we said,

    Tā bǎ quánbù xīnxuě qīng zhù zai jiàoyù shìyè shang

    他 把 全部 心血 倾注 在 教育 事业 上。

    He poured all of his painstaking care

    and effort into the field of education.


    As a matter of fact,


    Mr. Chen Jiageng's valuing

    of education


    was not just reflected by the

    construction of schools.


    It was also embodied


    in his construction of the

    Turtle Garden.


    There are so many stone

    carvings here!

    韩佳: 是啊。



    Stone carvings are a significant

    feature of the Turtle Garden.


    Along this covered corridor,


    there are a total of 58 blue

    stone carvings.


    Though they account for only

    a small part


    of the garden's 653 stone carvings,


    they are all masterpieces.


    I found all the carvings here are


    about historical stories, which

    we are familiar with.


    Now I've finally understood


    why the Turtle Garden


    also embodies the attention Chen

    Jiageng paid to education.


    Just like us,


    while we enjoy these stone carvings,


    we also learn about a lot

    of historical stories.


    This is indeed a very good

    method of education!

    韩佳: 说得没错儿。



    This is what "yu jiao yu le" means.


    "Yu jiao yu le"?

    韩佳: “寓”就是寄托、包含的意思。

    "Yu" means to incorporate

    or include.


    "Yu jiao yu le" means to incorporate


    teaching into play,


    or to teach entertainingly.


    So "yu jiao yu le" means to incorporate


    teaching into play, or to

    teach entertainingly.


    So our Chinese teaching program


    also incorporates teaching into

    play, right?

    韩佳: 那当然了。

    Of course.


    Let's take another example.


    These stone carvings embody his ideology

    of incorporating teaching into play.)




    there are still many other

    fine stone carvings ahead.


    They are all examples of incorporating

    teaching into play.


    Through them, Mr. Cheng Jiageng


    opened a window for people

    of later generations


    to understand the world and

    broaden their horizons.




    let's walk into this special world

    to have a look together.



    Jimei School Village was founded in

    the early years of last century.


    With a comprehensive educational system,


    it's trained large numbers of talents

    for society.

    这里环境清幽 风景如画

    The village has a quiet environment and

    picturesque scenery,


    as well as many places


    that embody the concept


    of incorporating teaching into play advocated


    by Chen Jiageng, the founder of

    many schools here.

    韩佳: 渊源,



    this is the tomb of Mr. Chen Jiageng.

    据统计 ,他们兄弟二人

    According to statistics, he

    and his brother


    founded, supported


    and sponsored a total of 118


    educational institutions throughout

    the country.


    This is an amazing figure!

    韩佳: 是啊。



    After Mr. Chen Jiageng's death,


    he was buried in the Turtle Garden.


    Every Qingming Festival


    or every founding anniversary

    of a Jimei school,


    people from all walks of

    life in Xiamen


    and teachers and students

    in Jimei


    come here to pay homage


    to Mr. Chen Jiageng.


    Such an admirable gentleman


    was certainly worthy of commemoration.

    韩佳: 好了,



    our program for today


    is about to end here.


    How about setting the award-

    winning question?


    Our program for today


    is about to bid goodbye

    to you.

    韩佳: 明天的节目会更加精彩。

    Our tomorrow's program is

    even more wonderful.


    Be sure not to miss it.


    At the end of our program, we

    still want to remind you


    not to forget our slogan.

    合: 学说中国话,朋友遍天下!

    Learn Chinese and make friends everywhere!

    韩佳: 明天见。

    See you tomorrow.


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