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    Learn Chinese the fun way!


    And spend a weekend

    of relaxation!


    Hello there!


    Here at Chibi in the city

    of Fuzhou,


    we wish you a nice weekend!


    It feels so good to climb

    a mountain


    at a weekend!


    It's particularly true at the scenic

    place Chibi.

    在这里 登山的游客可真是络绎不绝

    Here mountain climbers come in

    constant streams.

    是啊 所以我们俩也决定要比一比

    Yes. So the two of us have

    decided to have a contest


    to see who will reach

    the mountaintop first.


    Everybody must remember

    to cheer me on!


    You two, wait a minute.


    What about the Happy

    Weekly Diary?

    哎哟 我忘了

    Oh, I forgot it!


    I have got it ready.

    是吗 那一会儿给我看看

    Really? Let me take a look

    at it later.


    Now we're ready.


    Let's start.


    This past week,


    our team left Fuzhou proper


    for Chibi and Changle.


    Gushan Mountain is a well-known

    scenic spot on the outskirts of Fuzhou.


    It is known for its beautiful scenery

    and lots of rock inscriptions as well.


    The Yongquan Temple here


    attracts visitors with several

    things it has.


    The 1,000-Buddha Pottery

    Pagodas here

    造型精美 极为罕见

    are beautiful in design and

    considered extremely rare.

    巨型铁锅 煮饭可供千人食用

    The huge iron cauldron can cook

    enough rice for 1,000 people,


    which is also very rare.


    The Chibi Scenic Area is so named because

    of the area's red sandstone topography.


    Imposing cliffs and queer stones


    can be seen everywhere.


    What's more surprising is the

    speedy recovery of vegetation.


    In only ten years' time,


    the bald mountains here have

    been covered


    with lush green trees,


    thus adding color and beauty

    to the scenery here.

    长乐 当年郑和下西洋

    Changle was once the port


    where Zheng He's exploratory

    fleet was moored.


    The underground Xianying Palace


    bears witness to the area's

    ancient history.


    Because of Changle's importance,


    the Qing government dispatched


    a Manchu military force from

    Beijing to station here.

    结果 他们最终在这里扎根定居

    As a result, these troops settled here


    to create what is known today

    as Qinjiang Manchu Village.




    in the short time while I

    was reading


    the Happy Weekly Diary,


    What did you come here for?


    After I read the Happy

    Weekly Diary,


    the more I thought about the place,

    the better I like it.


    As we had a tight schedule

    last time,


    I was unable to fly past

    more places.

    今天啊 我想趁周末有时间

    Today, we have more time

    as it's a weekend,


    I want to get farther and fly

    even higher.


    It's a good idea.


    I also want to get a feel

    for that.

    好啊 韩佳 你来吧

    Okay, Han Jia, come on.


    Let's get far away from here

    and never return!


    Wait a minute before you fly.


    What's wrong?


    I think it necessary for me to

    give you a remedial tutorial.


    What did you mean by "yuan zou

    gao fei"?

    啊 我又用错成语了

    Oh, did I misuse an

    idiom again?


    During the Eastern Han Dynasty,


    there is a county magistrate

    called Zhuo Mao.


    He deals with everything

    very seriously


    and also flexibly in accordance

    具体情况 灵活处理

    with the concrete circumstances.

    有一次 一个人跑来要见县令

    Once, a man comes to see

    the magistrate.

    大人 我有一件事儿想禀报

    "Your Honor, I have something

    to report


    and I expect your advice."

    有什么事 你尽管说吧

    "What's the matter? Just speak out."


    "Last year I gave a friend of mine

    some rice and meat.


    Now this friend has become

    a security officer.


    I fear some would say that I did it

    intentionally to bribe the security officer."

    卓茂一听 知道这是件小事情

    Hearing this, Zhuo Mao realizes

    that this is trifling matter.


    So he decides to help him

    solve it.


    "Did your friend ask for the gifts


    or did you give them to

    him voluntarily?"


    "It happened to be a festival,


    so I gave him some rice and

    meat as gifts."


    "Courtesy requires reciprocity

    among neighbors.


    People give gifts to friends as

    a token of friendship.

    你又不能跑得远远的 飞得高高的

    You cannot getting far away or flying

    high into the sky


    run away from the enviroment

    which you are living with.

    所以 过节时送些米肉给朋友

    So it isn't anything inappropriate

    to give friends rice and meat


    as gifts on festive occasions.

    别人有什么说法 我会帮你去解释的

    If anyone is critical of you, I'll

    help you explain it.


    Don't worry just go back, okay?"

    好 多谢大人

    "Okay. Many thanks, Your Honor."


    "Yuan zou gao fei" is an idiom.


    It means to leave one's original place


    for a far-off place.

    也指摆脱困境 寻找光明的前途

    It also means to get rid of a predicament

    in search of a bright future.

    韩佳 我要开始练习写毛笔字了

    Han Jia, I'm going to practice writing

    with a Chinese brush from now on.


    Why did you, all of a sudden, decide

    to practice writing with a brush?

    有压力了 不练不行啊

    I'm under pressure. I have

    to practice it.


    What is all this about?


    Tell me in detail.

    最近 我们收到了

    Lately I received a letter


    from He Yanfen, an old friend

    in Chili.

    她在信中说 她六岁的小孙子

    She says in her letter her 6-year

    -old grandson


    is also learning Chinese

    together with her.

    而且 这个小家伙

    And this kid


    particularly likes writing

    with a brush.


    Attached with the letter

    is a photo


    of him practicing writing

    with a brush.




    how seriously this little kid


    is practicing!

    渊源 你也得努力才行哦

    Yuanyuan, you've got to

    try hard too.


    Yes, I know.


    I must set an example to

    this young friend.


    She also told me that


    this cute kid likes to learn Chinese

    very much.


    He watches our program earnestly

    every day


    and answers questions


    together with his father

    and mother.


    Young as he is,


    he is so keen to learn.


    He certainly deserves our emulation.


    I hope you and your Big

    Brother Yuanyuan


    will make common progress


    and learn Chinese even faster.


    The next letter

    也是来自于我们的老朋友 对吧

    also comes from an old

    friend, right?



    来自德国的Marina Korber

    It comes from Marina Korber

    of Germany.


    She also sent us a postcard.

    哇 真漂亮

    Wow, it's so pretty!




    It shows both a traditional

    German thermometer


    and two lighthouse-related stamps.

    她说 前不久

    She says, "Not long ago,


    your program showed Daishan

    Lighthouse Museum.


    So I chose to send this postcard

    to you.


    I hope you like it."


    The postcard and the stamps

    are all very beautiful.


    After we received this letter,

    都互相传阅 非常的喜欢

    we passed it around and

    we all enjoyed it.


    Many thanks, Marina.




    after reading letters from

    our old friends,


    now let's get acquainted with

    a new friend.


    Who is it?


    It is Jia Jia, an air stewardess


    with a Chinese airline company.


    She says in her letter that


    every time after her flight

    to Europe,


    she watches CCTV-4 in her hotel.

    其中 最喜欢的节目

    One of her favorite programs


    is Happy Learning Chinese.


    Although she has traveled

    all over the world,


    she is still interested to watch


    our program which introduces


    the culture and customs of

    various regions.


    Actually serving on an airplane

    is a hard job.


    To my surprise, Jia Jia


    watches our program in

    her spare time.


    Many thanks for your support

    for us.


    Yes indeed.


    So Jia Jia has a small request


    and we'll do our best to

    satisfy her.


    What request?


    It is like this.


    Jia Jia likes our theme tune

    very much


    and hopes we could send her

    a copy in MP3 format.


    No problem.


    Leave it all to me.


    Now I'm going to send it.

    这么着急 说走就走

    He is so anxious. And he

    just left like that.


    That's about all the letters


    we have to read today.


    We hope you'll continue to be with

    us next week at the same time


    and share fun and joy together

    with us.




    it's the long-awaited award-drawing

    time again.


    Let's see who'll be the 30

    lucky viewers


    of last week.

    好 中奖名单已经出来了

    Good, the list of winners

    is out.


    Congratulations to these friends!




    you'll be receiving a set


    special souvenirs from us.


    Time has elapsed so fast.

    转眼间 又过了一个月了

    Another month has passed.

    所以 在这里 我们要抽取

    So here we're going to

    draw for


    the winner of the grand award

    of last month.


    Let's see who it is.


    Congratulations to this friend!

    那您在不久 就会收到

    Soon you'll receive


    a set of exquisite souvenirs

    from us.




    next let take a look


    at the Idiom Guess.


    Learn Chinese the fun way!


    And spend a weekend

    of relaxation!


    Where is fun?


    More Fun Ahead!


    From June 4 through June 8,


    Merry Han Jia and Happy

    Yuanyuan will be


    taking you to Fuqing and Wuyi

    Mountain to learn Chinese.


    "Zheng" is an adverb.

    起到加强 肯定语气的作用

    It is used for emphasis.


    "Daoshi" here is an adverb


    that expresses that something is

    different from what we expected.


    On the CCTV Chinese International Channel,

    周一到周五 每天十分钟

    the 10-minute daily program


    Happy Learning Chinese is aired

    Mondays through Fridays.


    A happy moment is always shot.


    And our program for today


    is about to end here.


    We hope our program today


    as usual has brought fun

    and joy to you.


    If you have any thoughts


    or suggestions,


    you may contact us at

    any time


    according to the information

    on the screen.


    Of course, you can also log

    on to our blog


    and give us your valuable opinions.


    At the end of the program,

    we'd still want to remind you


    not to forget to continue to be with

    us next week at the same time


    for the Happy Journey across China.


    And don't forget our slogan.

    学说中国话 朋友遍天下

    Learn Chinese and make friends everywhere!


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